A novel, set in Seattle, written by 36 authors in the course of a week -- on-stage, in front of a live audience.

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Heartening stories, tested methods, and new techniques for working with adult survivors of sexual abuse.

Who murdered a popular rapper: A gang out to get him, or a terrorist group with more sinister motives?

An NYC detective is falsely accused of killing his partner. Now he fights to find the real killers and reclaim his reputation.

Winner of the 2006 Hurston/Wright Award in African American Fiction. 

An unmanned pleasure craft with a load of explosives is operating under autopilot and headed toward an oil refinery.

Can the Coast Guard stop it in time?

An early work on the body's role in emotional and psychological healing from my years working as a chiropractor and psychotherapist.

A sailboat drifts into a military exercise area when it's live with torpedo fire.

But the couple aboard is never heard from again.

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The story of the first black software engineer; an examination of the intersection between technology and race.

Boating is a wonderful way to explore the natural environment, and a powerful opportunity to  make a difference in protecting our waters.

Winner 2008 Environmental Leadership Commendation, BOAT US.

A couple pull up the body of a young woman on their anchor.  

Who's going to stop the dumping of young, undocumented women in Puget Sound? 

Every individual can make a difference in putting an end to racism and bringing about a more just society.

Featured book on the

Oprah Winfrey Show.

One of the first books to look seriously at African mythology beyond folk tales.

"Picks up where Joseph Campbell left off."

-- J. Young, J. Campbell Library