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A memoir about my father, the first

Black software engineer in America


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Clyde W. Ford

Making All Lives Count

“Weaves a powerful tale at the intersection of the dawning information economy and the ongoing struggle for equality and liberation.”
–Natalie Baszile, author of Queen Sugar

“An engaging look at our human and technological condition—and a company that sought to rule the world.”
–George Dyson, author of Turing’s Cathedral

"Using the experiences of both his father, and himself, [Ford] frames the story of race in America over the last 70 years.”
-Nancy Pearl, Book Critic and NPR Commentator

“A rich tapestry... Achingly reflective... Enlightening, insightful, and essential to understanding the impact of corporate racism on individuals.”
–Dr. Julianne Malveaux, author of Surviving and Thriving

“Clyde Ford has a well told, beautifully written story of the complexities of the relationship between a father and his son.”
–Dr. Steve Perry, host, Breaking Through with Steve Perry

"Takes us on an unusual journey where the paths of race, relationships, and the social consequences of technology converge."
-Paula J. Giddings, author of Ida B. Wells and the Campaign Against Lynching

"A compelling story of race, corporate achievement and a father-son relationship."

-Ron Stalworth, author, Black Klansman